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Who Uses Black Oxide?

Black Oxide has a multitude of uses for predominantly indoor applications.  The corrosion protection properties provide are not recommended for extended external use. 

Black Oxide Metal Finish is used by:

  • Tool Makers – for a wide variety of machinery parts including plates and shafts providing corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance
  • Automotive – all sorts of car parts including use by all top V8 Super Car teams utilising Black Oxide for both car and engine parts
  • Shop Fitters – providing a clean but different architectural finish
  • Metal Spinners – for many flat plate components as well as being popular for steel pizza trays
  • Fire Arms – we can re-coat most gun barrels and all accessories associated with rifles and other firearms
  • Race Cars – V8 Super Car parts including tail-shafts, wishbones, steering columns, cross-members, hubs, and all the little components in between
  • Fastener – we can strip zinc (small quantities) and provide a bright black finish for architectural requirements
  • Machined Tools – Many smaller tools are blackened to provide a rust resistance as well as a decorative finish
  • Medical – for a number of medical tools that provide less eye fatigue with an anti-glare finish instead of a bright reflective finish
  • Utility Hand Tools – for a decorative finish for hand tools including punches, drill bits and accessories