blackoxide Express service with a 2 hour turnaround
2 Patrona Street, Dandenong, Victoria, 3175
Phone: 03 9701 3171
Fax: 03 9701 3530

Our Services

Black Oxide Metal Finishers has the capabilities to finish most sized jobs.  We generally turn around work on the same day and can offer an express service with a 2 hour turnaround.  (subject to availability)  We try to accommodate all of our loyal customers’ needs and provide a professional and timely service to meet your deadlines.

We can Blacken most steels including mild, cast, hardened and nitro-carburized steels.  We can also blacked Stainless Steel (in a smaller bath)

We have the biggest Black Oxide tank in Australia measuring 1500 x 700 x 450 (approx) and can accommodate most pieces and longer pieces can be turned around to blacken each end with an almost undetectable join line.

If you have a special piece that you are unsure about, please call us and we can work out the best way to get the finish that you need.

Our Stainless Steel business is growing and we are looking to upgrade our facilities in the near future to allow for larger pieces and accommodate our customers requirements.

Once your work has been completed we can call to arrange your courier company to pick up, or will let you know an approximate time that your work will be ready when you drop off.  Many of our loyal customers send their work from interstate and it always gets back in pristine condition as our packing section allows for the journey it will endure.

Unfortunately Black Oxide is the only finish that we offer and it does only come in BLACK.